January 18


Oosterpoort Boven


Innovating with simulations and serious gaming

January 18


Oosterpoort Boven

Innovation can be pretty tough, not all are in the mood for change and open to new ways of working. Simulations and games can help to oversee new fields and to explore the world from new perspectives. They spark creativity and experiment in playful ways. VR, Metaverse, Blockchain come with new tools and arenas, evolving new business models with alternative forms of cooperation. Like the saying goes: it’s ALL in the game!

We have a few amazing speakers:

BLIC VR – dealing with illiteracy in the workplace
Speaker: Peter Doorn
Biblionet is a full-service provider for libraries, non-profit organizations, and educational institutions. Bilionet Groningen has recently developed a VR application to fight the huge societal problem of low literacy, that 1 in 6 of the Dutch above the age of 16 must face every day. The BLIC VR project supports professionals in exploring the world of the illiterate in a tangible way to makes it easier to deal with it in constructive ways.

Hackshield – Future Cyber Heroes on the block!
Speaker: Tim Murck
Hackshield is a game that trains children aged 8 to 12 years old to become aware and self-protecting against cybercrime. With this game, children are trained to become Cyber Agents that can protect themselves and their environment against the dangers of the online world.

GamingWorks – Business simulations and serious games: what they can bring?
Speaker: Claudine Koers
Digital transformation is driving the need for Agile, LEAN and DevOps ways of working. But many organizations are struggling with the culture and collaboration skills required. GamingWorks designs, develops and deploys serious games (professional business simulations), to deal with these kinds of challenges, supporting organizational learning and development. It’s ‘learning-by-doing’ solutions are used by a world-wide network of professional partners.


Peter Doorn
Tim Murck
Together with Eurosonic Noorderslag, we’re hosting this special conference to connect companies and creatives. Dance with us.