Your Company and MXT

MXT is a gathering of innovative companies and professionals in the creative tech industry. We’re looking for open-minded, innovative and enthusiastic entrepreneurs who want to join us on this journey. Dive into three days of innovation, exciting meet-ups and in-depth workshops.

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Showcase your startup

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At MXT, you’ll get a glimpse of the future. But you can also share yours. We want you to show your innovation and we’re happy to provide a platform for great ideas, refined concepts and promising technologies.
We are joined by companies and founders in the creative tech industry from all over the world. Meet 200+ founders who facilitate, distribute, market and boost creatives, musicians and artists to make the world a better place through creativity.

Meet fellow founders

Photo Credits: Founded in Groningen

Learn from the best

Photo Credits: Founded in Groningen

The core of MXT is all about learning. Discover and join workshops and stages with experts in different fields. Founders, Investors and Creatives will share their stories and discuss the latest trends, along with great advice and insider tips you can take home with you.

Dance with investors

Dancing frees the mind. Dancing connects people. Connect with multiple investors, who are all ready and willing to hear your pitch. Are you up for it? Meet them at MXT. Dance with them, share a drink and who knows what the future will bring?

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Together with Eurosonic Noorderslag, we’re hosting this special conference to connect companies and creatives. Dance with us.