Through creativity, we shape the future

Creatives look at the world from a different angles. And to overcome the challenges we face today, we need these creative minds to push boundaries. MXT facilitates meet-ups and showcases products that are able to push those boundaries.

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Nobody knows exactly what the future will have in store, but together with other enthusiasts, we can certainly make an educated guess. Join the discussion to get a better understanding of future technologies. Our panels are open, accessible and sharp as a razor’s edge.

Join the discussion

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Showcase your startup

Photo Credits: Founded in Groningen

At MXT, you’ll get a glimpse of the future. But you can also share yours. We want you to show your innovation and we’re happy to provide a platform for great ideas, refined concepts and promising technologies.

Meet up and create

Photo Credits: Founded in Groningen

With the ESNS showcases of ESNS running parallel to MXT, you are surrounded by the future of the music industry. By networking with like-minded people, we can create technology and connections like never before.

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Together with Eurosonic Noorderslag, we’re hosting this special conference to connect companies and creatives. Dance with us.