MXT is an initiative by various entrepreneurs from Groningen, to celebrate Music, Technology and Creativity. At MXT, you’ll get your daily dose of inspiration during the day and will make meaningful and lasting connections at night. Dance at Eurosonic Noorderslag, learn about the future during our conference. All with one goal: inspire and connect the changemakers of the future and push the boundaries of tomorrow.
MXT2023 is organized in Groningen, The Netherlands. MXT2023 takes place from 17 to 19 January 2023.

MXT2023 is RSVP only. This means that you have to be on our guestlist to join. You can get on our guestlist by filling out a registration form

Explore our public programme on the 18th of January 2023. Tickets are free of charge. 

A ticket for MXT2023 is free. We ask our guests to take transportation and hotel costs from themselves, we arrange the rest. We can make our tickets free because of our great partners who think it is important to facilitate and organize MXT.

We are sorry to hear that you cannot make it to MXT2023. If you are on our guest list and you cannot make it: please let us know as soon as possible at info@mxt2023.nl. We have a waiting list with a lot of interesting companies who all want to take your place. If you let us know you cannot make it, we can swap your ticket to someone else.

We love to involve our guests with an active role at MXT2023. If you are interested in doing a demo, share your story on stage or join a panel, let us know through info@mxt2023.nl.

We only have two tickets per company. We chose to organize MXT2023 with a small number of guests to increase the interaction and possibilities to meet other guests.

Yes, you can. Since we are an RSVP Conference, it is important that the company you want to invite joins our waiting list. You can join our waiting list by filling out a registration form.

MXT is all about making connections. MXT introduces you to fellow founders and investors who are also interested in (creative) tech and innovation. With making these connections, you find inspiration about the future of creativity and technology. Next to this, you can also showcase your company during MXT2023 with a demo or by joining us on stage.

We invite multiple startups and scale-ups for us to join MXT2023. These are all companies who are highly innovative and ready to scale. With showing you different technologies, we provide you options to invest in. Next to this, you are also able to meet other investors in the same industry as you. 

We only provide access to our matchmaking tool once you are on our guest list. If you want to join our guest list, please fill in the registration form.

We organize different events, with different purposes. From networking dinners to panels. From keynotes to workshops. And from connection dinners to showcases. 

You can contact the organizers of MXT2023 by mailing us at info@mxt2023.nl

You can find your ticket in our matchmaking tool. You don’t need to print out a ticket before MXT2023. Once you arrive at MXT2023, we provide you with our special badge.

We provide you with our badges at our opening event on our first day, the 17th of January 2023. You can collect your badge at the badge collection point in our Music & Tech Hideout.

We always advise people to come by train if possible. 

If flying is the most efficient way of traveling, Groningen Airport Eelde is the closest airport to Groningen. However, Schiphol is the closest airport with accessibility from all over the world. A train ride from Schiphol takes you directly into the city center of Groningen. 

We can help with your travel arrangements. You can use our partner Westbound Travel for all your travel needs. Send us a message via mxt@westboundtravel.nl.

From now on you’ll be able to browse the Hotel Availability page. This page will help you find out which hotels are available during MXT2023. 

If you have any questions about anything related to housing or travel we have two great teams that can help you further. For hotels, please contact hotels@esns.nl. Need help booking your trip? Our travel team is at your service. You can contact them via: mxt@westboundtravel.nl.

See you at MXT 2023

Want to join our innovative sessions? Want to learn from keynotes? Want to meet up with likeminded people?
Together with Eurosonic Noorderslag, we’re hosting this special conference to connect companies and creatives. Dance with us.