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At MXT, multiple startups and scale-ups will show, present and talk about their innovations and products. Though these companies vary in demographic, industry and stage, they all share a love of creativity, music and technology. Use our matchmaking tool and meet up with interesting founders.

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All our events are about networking

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Whether it’s low-key or big & bold, all the venues, events and meet-ups are meant to facilitate meaningful connections. We want to showcase the future of creative technology. And we want you to meet the people making & shaping it.

MXT is more than the ideal place to meet founders. It’s also a great place to meet and learn from your peers. Whether it’s casually catching up, or joining one of the panels or keynotes, you’ll be sure to catch the latest buzz or newest insights. Join the other investors on a journey you’ll never forget.

Meet other investors

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Learn from the best

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The core of MXT is all about learning. Discover and join workshops and stages with experts in different fields.Founders, Investors and Creatives will share their stories and discuss the latest trends, along with great advice and insider tips you can take home with you.

Dance investors, dance

Dancing frees the mind. Dancing connects people. Are you up for it? Meet at MXT2023. Dance , share a drink and who knows what the future will bring?.

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Together with Eurosonic Noorderslag, we’re hosting this special conference to connect companies and creatives. Dance with us.